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Free Authoritative Health Resources

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Resource Guide for Free Authoritative Health Websites

Welcome to the Medical and Health Web Sites portal of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, created by the Louis Calder Memorial Library for the International Medicine Institute. We have designed this portal to facilitate access to free authoritative and unbiased bibliographic information that is most useful to physicians, medical students and patients. We hope you find this portal useful. Please feel free to email Yanira García-Bárcena, M.L.S., your suggestions or comments.

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  • PubMed - Database produced by NLM (National Library of Medicine) containing bibliographic references, including abstracts of articles from thousands of biomedical journals.
  • GoPubMed - Search networks of researchers for experts and collaborators.
  • PubFocus - Analyze PubMed retrieval for journal rank, top authors and journals, etc.
  • PubGet - Browse PDFs of articles in current journals or search 20 million PDFs in the Biomedical Sciences.
  • PubReMiner - Search PubMed to indentify experts in a field and view journals associated with your topic of interest.
  • SUMSearch - SUMSearch is a metasearch engine that provides references to answer clinical questions. Simultaneously searches multiple sources of high quality with emphasis on Evidence-Based Medicine.
  • Virtual Health Library (VHL) - Portal that provides access to current scientific information, electronic journals in English, Spanish and Portuguese, databases in the biomedical field, news, etc.

NLM Databases & Electronic Resources



These sites show how to effectively search MEDLINE / PubMed, the Internet, etc.


Evidence-Based Medicine


  Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

General and medical dictionaries and encyclopedias.


  Free Online Journals

Portals with free access to electronic articles in scientific and technical journals.


  Free Medical Books

Full text collections with open access available through the AMEDEO network and the FICF and Bookshelf portals.


  Consumer Health Information


  Citation Analysis Databases for PubMed

Databases that offer bibliometric analysis of publications, articles and authors appearing in Medline / PubMed:

  • Pub Focus:
    Through statistical analysis of citations in PubMed, this site provides a measure of the impact made by biomedical journals, authors, and articles in the scientific community. Identifies the most prolific authors and determines the impact of their research in their respective fields.

  • PubReMiner:
    PubReMiner searches PubMed to indentify experts in a field by viewing the top ranked authors and by finding an author’s  research interest. Determines the journal to submit your work to, by viewing the journals associated with your title.


  Help with Writing Documents




  • AHRQ
    Portal from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality provides clinical information, guidelines, research findings and funding opportunities for healthcare professionals. Also offers quality health information for patients and consumers.

    Specialized Center at Pan American Health Organization,  whose network provides access to scientific and technical information through various sources, including: full-text collections of open access networks such as SciELO and ScienTI VHL and databases such as LILACS, MEDLINE and the Cochrane Library.

  • AMEDEO Challenge
    One of the best sites on the Internet for biomedical and clinical research. Offers free access to journals and books in the field of biomedicine. Gives guidance to scientists and physicians how to produce and sell their own books.

  • HINARI Access to Research
     The HINARI program, set up by the (WHO) World Health Organization, provides access to one of the largest collections of biomedical and health literature to developing countries.


  • Emergency Preparedness and Response
    WISER is a database designed for first responders in cases of incidents involving hazardous materials and carefully. WISER contains a wide range of information, including guidance for the identification of hazardous substances, their physical characteristics, human health information and recommendations on the containment and elimination of harmful effects.

  • CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response
    CDC’s primary source of information and resources for preparing and planning for all hazards and for responding to public health emergencies.


   Organizations and Institutions


  Online Translation Services

These services help translate words, paragraphs or integrated electronic pages.